The Centauri (CTX) Story

centauri (CTX) story

The vision of the founders The crypto currency Centauri saw the light of day in May 2016. According to the will of the founders and inventors, the Centauri was to become the world’s largest cryptic means of payment in daily life. This great vision captivated many people. The Centauri sold and spread very quickly via […]

  • 23. October 2018

The Centauri is running on Exchange

The test phase up to the complete listing Since 18 September 2018, we have been in the technical test phase with the Centauri on Exchange Livecoin. – – In this test phase the following happened: In this test phase, the following is a pity that the listing was carried out at a very high […]

  • 20. September 2018

How it continues with the Centauri (CTX)

Centauri CTX

The CTX Kick-Off on 7.7.2018 in Salzburg, organized by the association D.I.F., is over and the participants were enthusiastic. The feedback we received from the bank was very positive – we felt a real sense of optimism. The future of Centauri (CTX) We were often asked during and after the event: What is the future […]

  • 2. August 2018

The CTX kick-off is getting closer

CTX Kick-Off

Our event is approaching with big steps and the final preparations are being made by the Task Force in conjunction with the D.I.F. Board. Benefits for participants It was decided that everyone who comes to the CTX Kick-Off on 7.7.2018 will get the “FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR 2018” in the Disruptive Innovations Fördergemeinschaft with the purchase […]

  • 15. June 2018

Restart the Centauri (CTX)!

Restart the Centauri (CTX)!

The association behind it As already announced an association is decided and in establishment. The association D.I.F. (Verein Disruptive Innovationen) will soon be legally competent and public. The association will deal with the promotion of various blockchain projects. The pilot project will be the promotion of the development and promotion of the Centauri (CTX). The […]

  • 1. May 2018