Centauri Vision – Update with Facebook contest


Centauri (CTX) Challenges

The Centauri was supposed to be a shopping coin, which people around the world can use to pay their purchases. This concept is facing a very competitive market and solves no problem that no one else can solve. At the same time, we are currently using a technology, that has become obsolete in professional circles. That’s why we haven’t only sharpened the vision, but also found a way to solve one of the world’s greatest challenges – and effectively implement the original vision of the Centauri at the same time.

Way of G…

…takes away the fear of loss, gives self-determination and opens up hidden potential. Unconditional. Independent. International.

Facebook contest

Guess what the “G” is standing for and have a chance to win. 10x 1.000 Centauri (CTX) for randomly choosen people, who likes the facebook contest:


  • 13. January 2019
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