How it continues with the Centauri (CTX)

Centauri CTX

The CTX Kick-Off on 7.7.2018 in Salzburg, organized by the association D.I.F., is over and the participants were enthusiastic. The feedback we received from the bank was very positive – we felt a real sense of optimism.

The future of Centauri (CTX)

We were often asked during and after the event: What is the future for the Centauri (CTX)? So here’s a brief outlook on the future of the CTX:

  • Listing of CTX in a few weeks on one or more stock exchanges, at the latest by the end of Q3/2018 (the exact date cannot and may not be announced for legal reasons)
  • Completely new offline wallets for Windows (first release), Android and Ios.
  • With enough movement of the CTX and other factors two players come into play:
    • Bitiago will include the CTX in the 2Way machine, so you can buy and sell it like BTC, for Fiat money.
    • The 2nd Fa Salamantex, provides the whole infrastructure for shops.
      So it will be very interesting!

The Centauri system

The Centauri is more. It is a system consisting of crypto currency, digital wallets, POS systems and vending solutions. And this system is based on the 3 pillars: Acceptance, stability and trust!

The shopping Centauri

The Centauri will achieve rapid coverage – from the Internet shop to selected dealers to the shop around the corner. Due to its wide distribution in the trade, the Centauri’s price fluctuations are reduced and it becomes a calculable quantity for the dealer. So the Centauri will be the digital money of the trade!

The people behind the Centauri

With the president of the association D.I.F. Patrick Hummer we have one, who drives the project correctly forward and puts his whole heart and soul into it. In addition, there is an experienced team of experts from the fields of technology, programming, marketing and sales. Thanks to these people, we have succeeded in bringing the CTX back to life in recent months.

And these people are highly motivated to drive the CTX forward and upwards, because the CTX knows only one direction – UPWARD!

  • 2. August 2018
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