Restart the Centauri (CTX)!

Restart the Centauri (CTX)!

The association behind it

As already announced an association is decided and in establishment. The association D.I.F. (Verein Disruptive Innovationen) will soon be legally competent and public. The association will deal with the promotion of various blockchain projects. The pilot project will be the promotion of the development and promotion of the Centauri (CTX). The first step, of course, is the listing of the Centauri. The association is an external body which has no connections with the CTX-LINE or Alpha Centauri. In the foreseeable future there will be an information event of the association, which will be announced separately. The invitation will be issued shortly.

Currently, talks are underway with investors who also want to promote the further development of the Centauri. We will, of course, provide updates on this when concrete agreements and contracts are in place.


A pool mining server was also set up in order to obtain further donations. This should give miners the possibility to mine the CTX before publication and decentralization.

For this the following concept was worked out: For a maximum of 10 miners there is the possibility to donate at least 1 BTC to get a place and thus early access to CTX Mining before the publication of the source codes. Interested parties can apply and send their application to the following e-mail address: vereindif@gmail.com

With this concept applies: First come, first serve! Once the 10 places have been allocated, nothing stands in the way of a subsequent listing.

The restart for the Centauri continues like this

Furthermore, we are pleased that some people from the community have already agreed to further develop the CTX after the CTX-LINE has been reversed and the codes have been released. These people will also provide appropriate applications and servers for this purpose. With this power of the community we will bring the Centauri to the forefront. There is only one direction for the Centauri (CTX) – upwards!

Thank you for the great trust of the community!

  • 1. May 2018
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