The Centauri (CTX) Story

centauri (CTX) story

The vision of the founders

The crypto currency Centauri saw the light of day in May 2016. According to the will of the founders and inventors, the Centauri was to become the world’s largest cryptic means of payment in daily life. This great vision captivated many people. The Centauri sold and spread very quickly via a network marketing system. At the same time, in just 18 months, around 1,000 dealers were won as acceptance points for payment with the Centauri. In Switzerland you could buy luxury watches with the Centauri. There was a platform where cars and other goods could be exchanged for Centauri. High price gains were promised. The mood was euphoric, but then everything changed.

The obstacles

The equipment and software developed for payment with the Centauri did not work as desired. The distribution of the Centauri had to be stopped due to massive technical problems. Many people who had given up their professions to devote themselves fully to the Centauri were suddenly faced with nothing. The waves were high and there was a massive split in the Centauri community. The former euphoria turned into frustration, anger and bitter disappointment.

The new beginning

After long and very difficult negotiations, the Centauri is finally handed over to the community by the founding company Alpha Centauri Inc. In this rather depressing situation, a small group of community members take heart and set up a task force in February 2018 to keep Centauri’s vision alive. This task force quickly gains more and more capable employees who share and advance the vision of the Centauri as the digital currency of daily life. In the task force, quick-witted teams are formed for the areas of technology, marketing & sales and support. In addition, the D.I.F. association joined in to promote the Centauri. All this gives the Centauri vision strength and a face again.

The results

As a result, new digital Windows and Mac wallets to store the Centauri will be launched in August 2018. A new paper wallet and the Android / iOS wallets are under development and will be available by the end of 2018. There is also a new active mining pool. Every day new acceptance points for the Centauri are won and old ones reactivated. In this way, the Centauri will achieve rapid coverage from the online shop through selected dealers to the shop around the corner and thus become the digital currency of the trade. A milestone for the Centauri will be its listing on the Livecoin Exchange on 18 September 2018. Video tutorials explaining how to use the Centauri for buyers, investors and dealers will be continuously produced in the community.

The Centauri (CTX) Vision shines brighter than ever

Today, the Centauri is more than just a crypto currency. It is a system consisting of cryptic money, new digital wallets, POS cash register systems and vending machine solutions. This system is based on 3 stable pillars: Acceptance, stability and trust.
The Task Force made it! The vision of the Centauri to be the digital money of daily life has an irresistible power and shines brighter than ever.

  • 23. October 2018
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