The Centauri is running on Exchange

The test phase up to the complete listing

Since 18 September 2018, we have been in the technical test phase with the Centauri on Exchange Livecoin. – https://www.livecoin.net –

In this test phase the following happened:
In this test phase, the following is a pity that the listing was carried out at a very high price of 0.1 BTC, which corresponds to about 540 EUR. The first test purchase on the part of the Exchange caused the price to rise to 0.8 BTC (approx. 4,330.- EUR). The next test was a sale at a price of 0.000005 BTC, which is about 0.03 EUR. So the Centauri became the “Most dumped” coin of the last 24 h a few seconds after the start.

Since the listing was not complete anyway (no logo set, payout deactivated, very long deposit time of approx. 16 h), we decided to use the test run until the complete listing to stabilize the price. Unfortunately, this was prevented by a few CTX owners who wanted to sell large quantities of Centauri for little Bitcoin! As a result, the price now stands at around EUR 1.00 and not at the target of USD 10.00. If these people are acting out of ignorance or money pressure, we would like to explain here how they can support growth.

How an Exchange works

An order book is nothing else than a collection of all open orders. Listed is the price and amount of CTX that someone wants to buy or sell. If there is movement in the order book, this is a good sign for buyers and attracts interested parties. This works particularly well with small orders. As soon as a larger order (sell order) is placed, the entire market stands still, the price falls, there is no new trading volume and new interested parties lose interest. The higher the trade volume, the larger the orders can be. At the start, the CTX can cope with a maximum of double-digit, rather single-digit amounts. This gives us more volume and a rising share price.

Individuals have worked against the Centauri

To promote the growth of the Centauri system, and thus the course.

prices should grow slowly. A continuous activity in the order book is important. The fastest way to do this is with many small orders in the single-digit range. We provided proof of this yesterday. You can see this from the price trend. We could have moved the CTX yesterday without any problems to a value of approx. 5, – EUR. However, individual persons with large sales orders worked against it and thus prevented this.

This is how we move the Centauri forward together

You can easily and effectively help us to move the Centauri course forward!

There are 3 safe strategies for this:

  1. Hold and don’t sell!
  2. Buy up the cheap Centauri!
  3. Trade single-digit amounts and buy up more CTX regularly with a part of your profit!

Each of the above strategies is effective in itself. If you use 2 or all 3 strategies, then you strengthen the results considerably!

And these are the results:

  • Stable growth for the Centauri.
  • The trust of the acceptance points in the Centauri is won.
  • Our vision of the Centauri as the digital currency of daily life will come true.

Prices beyond the 10 USD are then no longer an issue.

  • 20. September 2018
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