The CTX kick-off is getting closer

CTX Kick-Off

Our event is approaching with big steps and the final preparations are being made by the Task Force in conjunction with the D.I.F. Board.

Benefits for participants

It was decided that everyone who comes to the CTX Kick-Off on 7.7.2018 will get the “FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR 2018” in the Disruptive Innovations Fördergemeinschaft with the purchase of their ticket! This means that the latest NEWS will of course be sent first to the members of the D.I.F. Furthermore, all news will be distributed mainly via the newsletter to comply with data protection requirements! The NEWSLETTER of the D.I.F. will provide you regularly with all important information and bring you a guaranteed added value.

TOP profit opportunities

WATCH OUT!!! We got 20.000 from a young donor who has become a millionaire through clever investments in the crypto industry !! Centauri as a donation, which we can raffle at the CTX Kick-Off!!! This means that 10 event guests will go home 1000 Centauri richer and 1 guest even 10,000 Centauri richer! I think that the chance to win is 1:45 megaglarge! (with 500 guests) At the moment the chance is still 1:11, which means every 11th would win!! In the lottery the chance to get a 6 is 1:15000000!

So join the CTX Kick-Off and become a WINNER!!

CTX Kick-Off Event Procedure

The planned event procedure is as follows:

  • Act 1 : BITIAGO – Exchange, 2-way machines, Consulting
  • 2nd Act : SALAMANTEX – Payment Systems of the Future
  • Act 3 : Star guest and top speaker
  • Act 4 : Crypto Coaching, Applied Knowledge is Power
  • Act 5: Where does CENTAURI’s journey lead?
  • Afterwards: eating, drinking and good conversations together

One more thing!

And now there’s a treat on top of that! All event participants get the chance to start mining first! You can register for the event and we will send you the necessary information by mail afterwards. Prerequisite for the premature mining is the personal participation in the event!  So come to the event and share 28.800 Centauri per day!

  • 15. June 2018
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