The Way of Generosity is a Centauri evolution


Centauri (CTX) Challenges

The Centauri was supposed to be a shopping coin, which people around the world can use to pay their purchases. This concept is facing a very competitive market and solves no problem that no one else can solve. At the same time, we are currently using a technology, that has become obsolete in professional circles. That’s why we haven’t only sharpened the vision, but also found a way to solve one of the world’s greatest challenges – and effectively implement the original vision of the Centauri at the same time.

Way of Generosity Challenges

The Way of Generosity gives everyone in the world an unconditional, independent income, that takes away the fear of loss, gives self-determination and opens up hidden potential.

Synergies between Centauri and Way of Generosity

Today the Centauri is an option to pay with CTX in a secure, independent way. You can transfer it for a small fee through the whole world in about 2.5 minutes. In the network of the Way of Generosity you’ll be able to do the same in real time and much more. There will be smart contracts to build automated digital contracts, secured by cryptographic algorithms.

Will there be more coins?

No, the Way of Generosity works with the same amount of coins. The Halving formula will be retained.

Proof of Work vs. Proof of Generosity

The CTX blockchain is using the expensive way of mining to process transactions. Miner are rewardes with new coins, based on the halving formula. The Way of Generosity network is using a directed acyclic graph as database, transactions will be processed by the people using the system. This makes it highly scalable, cause it’s more stable and faster with more people in the network. If you donate, run full nodes (wallet with fully downloades transaction history) or a standard wallet, you can get a part of this reward once an hour.

Way of Generosity is the evolution of the Centauri

All you can do now and all you are supposed to do in the future, you can do with the Way of Generosity, too. And much more.

  • 24. January 2019
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