CENTAURI Coin - the „shopping“ coin 

Whitepaper Version: Juni 2018


With the launch of Bitcoin, it was possible for the first time to digitize money completely and securely. 10 years later we are still at the beginning. States are now dealing with this technology, but no significant steps have been taken forward.
The Blockchain technology finds its first projects in the industry, but not much has happened here. Many concepts but not yet a mature product characterize this area. Public opinion on cryptocurrencies is “wait”, neutral or rather negative. On the one hand, this is because information about these opportunities is not usually communicated neutrally and objectively, and, on the other hand, there is no trust in society because there are virtually no tangible values. The largest share of crypto currency users is in finance. Cryptocurrencies as a way to earn money make up virtually the entire market. True real values, for example, payment options in everyday life with acceptance points for crypto currencies are very few. The future of cryptocurrencies, however, will have to be based on real values. Only those crypto-currencies that create trust, and that are acceptable or actually usable will remain in the market. All others, that is, more than 90% of all cryptocurrencies lack exactly this added value.
The future of cryptocurrencies lies in an almost untouched market. Namely that of acceptance and usability in the broad masses.
The cryptocurrency, which is the first to build a large-area network with acceptance-points infrastructure, which is also simply and safely usable for everyone, will massively influence the market over the next few years, because only the crypto currencies with high confidence trough humans will be used.
The current market situation can be compared with that of the introduction of the credit card. In the beginning, the users were still hesitantly, but with time passing the usage started growing. Today you may pay for almost all goods and services with credit card. In the near future you may also pay for these goods and services with cryptocurrencies. The basic requirement for success is that it is well implemented and easy to use.
The markets may work digitally but only through the people behind them!

Paying with cryptocurrencies

The so-called trust, ie the trust in cryptocurrencies is generally not very high. The reason is the virtually non-existent usability.
Combining two worlds is the solution: Online and offline!
In the offline area, ie shops, restaurants, services, trade & commerce, the trust must be set up. The paying we are used to - with credit card or ATM card - at the cash point has to work just as easy with crypto currencies in the future.
Most people perceive this as a real value. So trust has a higher priority.
The online area follows relatively at the same time and more passively, since the possibility to accept crypto currencies is a bit easier. There are already some ways to pay with cryptocurrencies on the Internet, but here, offline, the possibility is missing. Thats why we focus on offline acceptance points. The potential in this market is virtually undetectable. A cryptocurrency with several thousand acceptance points backed up by an easy and immediately usable change- possibility would be globally undisputed on place 1.
Most creators of cryptocurrencies specialize in high quality in technology and do not focus on practical applications.
That's why it's the biggest gap in the market right now, and this gap in the market currently holds the greatest potential in the cryptocurrency market.
Money will be digitized in the future, and the first crypto currencies that focus their coin on “real life” points of acceptance will be the pioneers, like American Express, Mastercard, Visa, etc.
This market is still virtually untouched but has by far the greatest growth potential.

The future of money

The whole world is changing over time. Cash is gradually being disestablished bit by bit.
In Europe, compared to other continents, cash payment has still a higher proportion. The rest of the world, already has a significantly higher proportion of people paying digitally.
So the trend is towards digitized money. In Europe, the 500 Euro bill is already abolished and some countries already have a payment limit for cash payments. An abolition of cash would mean unlimited access to citizens money from the bank and thus severely restrict citizens freedom.
According to Christian Sewing (Chief of Deutsche Bank) it’s very likely that in 10 years, there will be no more cash. Is this positive or negative? Well, it is probably in the eye of the beholder. But we have to deal with this topic, because future will be present whether you want it or not. In our future digital world, the "analog" coin and paper money used today will find no space to survive.
If we digitize our money with nationalized crypto-coins and accept them as well as legacy-coins we will absolutely break the power of the banks.
Anyone can start here! Cryptocurrency acceptance points can have a positive impact on our future of money and sustain our freedom. This, however, requires trust in society, which in turn is associated with acceptance in everyday life and so the circle closes!

What is Centauri?

The Centauri Coin is a Community-Based-Coin and should serve as the hub of an ecosystem of many acceptance points. The focus is on establishing itself as a shopping coin.
Simple usability is in the foreground. Train basic knowledge to is also a part of this ecosystem.
As peer2peer "P2P" possibility, we offer quick and cheap sending of our coins via our Centauri Wallet.
Also in business2business "B2B" area, we have the possibility of linking companies along each other to settle payments. This allows industry and commerce to handle standard payments or recurring fixed costs easily and quickly.
Business2Customer "B2C" is very important, above all not only the possibility that companies are able to offer their customers this possibility, but also the “handling” should be as simple as possible to make it usable for everyone.
There is a special group, the so-called "Task Force of the Centauri Coin”, which is working convincing the acceptance-points to accept Centauri.
Goal is to offer any goods and services, both offline and online in CTX.
Only if we can pay for homes, food, cars and so on with cryptocurrencies, trust will grow. It’s Centauri's vision to close this gap in the market and make cryptocurrencies fit for everyday life!

Centauri's potential

Status Quo of Digital Payments Market:

  • Visa: 18 billion / year
  • Mastercard: 12 billion / year
  • Pay Pal: 13 billion / year

Worldwide, a total of approximately 2,345 billion transactions per year are made with a digital payment. The volume of money amounts to about 20,000 billion / year.
For comparison: to the total gold market amounts to about 7,000 billion
The confidence in banks is not that high anymore. Now is the best time for crypto currencies to become as big as never before! If the whole digital currencies could serve only 5% of this entire digital payment market (of 20,000 billion) the whole Market cap of cryptocurrencies would have more than doubled.
As of May 2018 the potential and the chances for an established payment Coin or Shopping Coin, like the Centauri are so enormous - in no other niche of the crypto-currency market you’ll find the same potential!

Exchange and Wallet

In the beginning, the Centauri will be listed on commercial Stock exchanges. This will probably happen until September 2018. As a result, as shown in the roadmap, full focus will be placed on points of acceptance.

The Centauri Wallet

The Centauri Coin Core Wallet is available for all common operating systems and will be released before the listing, including the source code. There are also Electrum Wallets for Windows / Mac / Linux. For mobile platforms an Android Wallet is available. An iOS Wallet is in the works and will be available in Q4 2018 at the latest. A paper wallet is also available.


As of June 2018, communication has been started with various crypto exchanges regarding the listing of the Centauri Coins. The goal is to list the Centauri Coin at least on two crypto-exchanges in Q3. Updates regarding the listing are available on the website.


From each block generated, 6% of the distributed CTX will be moved to 3 wallets (2% per wallet). These revenues will support operations, development & marketing.

History of the Centauri

The amount of people trading with the Centauri Coin has been established with “international Network building” created with recommendation marketing. At this tie, it was already started with mining of the Centauri Coin. Part of the core team intended a quick listing on exchangers, while another part wanted to reach an infrastructure of 5000 acceptance points before listing. The team then split and a listing on exchangers was not possible, as the group of the people that wanted to build up the infrastructure in advance was owning the source codes and technical details.
Soon there was only minimal growth and the belief in the Centauri Coin was being affected.
After long negotiation phases and consideration of other possibilities, the Centauri Coin was given to the community by the founding company “Alpha Centauri.inc”
A group of people “the task force” decided to start the development.
An association that will help and promote the Coin and that represents the wishes of the crowd was founded.


The Centauri system is similar to the Litecoin system. The creation and transmission of Centauri Coins is based on an open-source encryption protocol and is therefore not controlled centrally.
It is a peer-to-peer network similar to Bitcoin's and manages all transactions, balance sheets and expenses.
Centauris are created by generating blocks based on a cryptographically-encrypted hash function. This process, called proof of work, where finding a hash is called mining. The rate at which Centauri Coins are generated within the blockchain is a continuous series and halves every four years, contributing to inflation protection.
Like one Litecoin, every Centauri can be divided into 100,000,000 smaller units. Centauri can be exchanged for fiat money as well as bitcoins, which is usually handled via online exchanges (Digital Currency Exchangers).
Blocks are created on the Centauri network every 2.5 minutes, resulting in fast transaction acknowledgments for the clients.
The Centauri network produces 84 million pieces throughout its history. As of June 2018, around 29 million pieces have already been mined.
The Centauri is based on the proof-of-work algorithm scrypt. Thus, the Centauri Coin can be mined on all major Litecoin / scrypt miners.
Two pool servers are operated by cooperation partners such as the association DIF. After releasing the source code, all community members are welcome to operate their own pool servers.


It is almost unbelievable that the market share of coins with physical acceptance points is so tiny. That's why we are now taking advantage of our opportunity, because it will be copied in the coming years by a large number of providers. But only the Centauri system is already established on the market! We invite you to become part of the Centauri ecosystem, part of a success story seen like never before and become part of a physically valuable payment coin of the future!